Length maximum: 3.21m
Length of hull: 3.21m
Beam: 1.41m
Depth: 0.82m
Length on trailer: 5.00m
Height on trailer: 1.40m
Bottom sides: 2.00mm
Top sides: 1.60mm
Transom material: 2.00mm
Transom shaft length: S/S
Weight (boat only): 70kg
Min. HP: 6hp
Max. HP: 15hp
Main motor weight: 58kg
Number of people (basic): 2


Standard Features

  • Handles: Transom (2)
  • Solid Corners
  • Anchor Shelf
  • Handles: Bow (1)
  • Seat: Front Bench Seat
  • Seat: Rear Bench Seat
  • Seat: Bench Seat Flotation
  • 5 Year Warranty



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